After interviewing dozens of Interior Designers, I stopped my search the moment I met Preshita, primarily for 2 reasons. First, her enthusiasm towards work and second her creativity when it came to design. During the project, I saw her hunger for improvement and better design solutions and that made me realize that my decision was correct. We as clients knew that we were not from a creative background and thus, gave her complete freedom by keeping only two things in mind, the budget and the timeline. She delivered on both. I believe our non-interference in the project gave her a chance to spread her wings to the fullest and eventually she ended up giving us a beautiful office space.

Mr. Milanshu Khandelwal

After the entire work was done and once Anish Tutorials was finally ready, I was really happy with my decision to have appointed Ms. Preshita Shah as the Interior Designer. She and her team (Mr. Ali & his workers ) did an extremely good job. The design concept that she came up with was to give all the classrooms a different color which made them bold and attractive. The students and parents who have been to our new space after we shifted in September 2016 have all appreciated the tastefully done interiors. I sincerely thank Ms Preshita and her team for doing a grand job and making the Classrooms of Anish Tutorials at Chandivali , Powai one of the most comfortable and attractive coaching class for students to come and learn. Also Preshita was very warm and comfortable to deal with and was very cooperative in giving adequate time to the site and also a convenient time to select the fittings and fixtures. I wish her all the best and will definitely like to take her services in the future.

Mr. Anish Abraham

Our experience with The Design Chapel was wonderful - creative & professional! We, at Taskbob, were looking for a trendy design for the new office of our start up. Further, given we wanted to create an environment where people could feel comfortable even after staying and working late in office, we were particular about the interiors & hence about selecting the right interior designer. After some research, we went ahead with The Design Chapel. From understanding what our requirements were, to coming up with brilliant creative solutions and to finally executing it on-time, in a professional manner, The Design Chapel exceeded all expectations! For instance, Preshita designed what would be – the "Chill Room". All-in-one, it became our foosball room, relaxation room, night out room and our Monday meetings room. The team of workers and carpenters on site were extremely polite and responsible. And last but not the least - they finished the job in the stipulated time. All in all - Highly recommended!

Mr. Aseem Khare

It was great working with The Design Chapel. They delivered the project on time and the team was always ready for any discussion or challenge. They gave us very competitive quotes and also helped us save money on many fronts. We would definitely look forward to give them the contract to design the office Interiors for our upcoming new office premises

Mr. Vivek Ayare

We would like to thank Preshita and The Design Chapel for their phenomenal work on our office and residence. We receive positive comments about the interiors, feel, and the vibes of the place by everyone who visits our office or home. We wish them all the luck and hope to work with them in all our future projects.

Mr. Vikas and Mrs. Asha Pandey

Our sincere gratitude and appreciation to the design chapel on behalf of team of Tongue. We enjoyed the whole process of designing , putting it together and working with the design chapel to execute these designs. It was amazing to see them picking those little details in terms of color, shades, texture, designs etc. Their team has shown great degree of planning, co-ordination, timeliness and proper workmanship. Our office has come out exactly how we dreamt it to be. I personally love the color and the lighting. The red color from our logo comes out alive in the office. Thanks to their detailing and creativity.The bare room that we gave them to create our office, they have simply put life to it. My whole team now comes motivated to work in this office. They simply love their work place. The recommendations from my side and the references I keep giving them time to time is the certification of their professional credibility. Thank you and wish you all the very best !

Chandan, Pragya & Team Tongue

We are really satisfied with the remarkable job done by The Design Chapel Team and we really appreciate their dedication . The Design Chapel have designed all the facilities keeping in mind our technical, functional and aesthetic requirements. We appreciate their creativity and diligence to ensure that quality and aesthetic parameters are fulfilled and they also executed the project on time. We are happy with the good work and the professional approach they have. All the best for the future.

Mr. Dinesh Rao Ullal -Vice President Sales &

Having given my newly purchased office space to The Design Chapel to design and execute, I have been extremely satisfied and happy with how the space has turned out. They have have delivered a very fresh looking office space as per my requirements and within my budget. The entire project was completed within the deadline. Love how unique and happy the space feels and working here becomes more joyful and productive.

Mr. Ashish Agarwal - Director

Me and my wife had been searching for a designer to join us and understand the vision we had for our new house. But since we had something very different and specific in mind, it was getting difficult to find the right person. We met many interior designers but none really understood what we were looking for. It was when we approached The Design Chapel and met Preshita that everything clicked instantly. She immediately grasped what we were looking for. She, along with her amazing team very precisely reciprocated to our taste. Preshita, with her accomplished education and a great sense of the art backed by experience, delivered a house that we had always dreamt of having. This was education meeting awareness at its best. And that is the biggest strength of The Design Chapel. Unlike many other companies that try to impose their style into each of their projects, Design Chapel takes every project as a fresh opportunity to understand, innovate and execute according to their client's taste and preference. It's like getting a bespoke suit stitched! Every house speaks of the owner and if you want someone to translate your feelings into the right design then The Design Chapel is the place to go to.

Mr Vivek and Aditi Bali

The Design Chapel has done an excellent job in designing our new Office Space. It has been a great experience to work with them. The execution of entire Interior work was done as per the Design and the Budget targeted. They completed our entire project in the estimated time, within budget. The new office has excellent space management and a new quirky style décor. They demonstrated professionalism and integrity throughout the entire tenure of the project. We wish them all the success and strongly recommend them to all those who wish to get their offices done in the future.

Mrs Anjali Khamkar


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