Tongue Marketing Solutions

Tongue Marketing Solutions is a young energetic, event management and marketing firm which wanted the energy and positivity of their young employees and work culture to be reflected in their new office interiors. The spatial aesthetics therefore is fun and informal with colors like grey, red and wood integrated from the company’s logo. The brief was to accommodate 15 workstations in a small area of 400 sq ft with a pantry, director’s cabin and a meeting room. The design team came up with the solution of having a high table running through the center of the space with comfortable bar stools which can double up as a pantry table, workstation as well as an informal discussion space. Ropes dyed to the Tongue logo red form light see through partitions and suspended lights from exposed ceilings bring in only as much of light as required.


Vikhroli , Mumbai


400 Sq.ft


Preshita Shah Gupta, Kajal Kamath


February 2018


Interior Design


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