Shibui Office

Workspace environment can play an influential role in levels of productivity & motivation. But smaller office spaces can make one feel confined & claustrophobic. We constantly try & reinvent ways in which we can make smaller spaces look &feel more spacious. At the Shibui Office, the strength of the space is a large window allowing ample amount of light to flow through. This made us have the meeting room at the entrance & have open workstations, Director’s table by the window, keeping the space clean & free. The entire flooring has the same PVC covering flowing from the outer workspace to the meeting room giving a sense of expanse. Whereas the ceiling of the meeting room is in wood with melt lights to give a sense of a private separate area. The language is monochromatic with customized light fixtures in gold plating adding richness & luxury to the interiors. The space looks quaint with a touch of beauty & elegance much like the handmade, lush skin care products that the company makes.


Vikhroli, Mumbai


350 Sq.ft


Preshita Shah Gupta, Kajal Kamath and Simran Agarwal


December 2019


Commercial Interior Design


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