Posiflex Technology Pvt. Ltd.

The office for Posiflex Technology is an expression of simplicity and clarity both in thought and execution. Their previous office space was boxy, divided by cubicles and private work desks allowing little to no opportunity for interaction or collaboration. We wanted to move away from the archetypally accepted notion of how a product office should look like.The brief from the clients was to accommodate a team of 16 workstations, a conference room, a manager’s cabin and a small pantry. We additionally gave them a reception cum waiting area for visitors, a small meeting area, a store room and breakout zones where lunch, discussions and deliberations over coffee could happen.The wooden pantry table with benches thus becomes the central nucleus of the entire office. This is where all the significant conversations and creative brainstorming happens. The bright orange used in the carpet and workstation dividers breaks the monotony of the monochrome grey, wood and white.


Vikhroli , Mumbai


900 Sq.ft


Preshita Shah Gupta , Kajal Kamath


May 2018


Interior design


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