M/S. Rajpal Harichand Mehra Corporation

This 300 sq.ft. office for Mr. Dinesh, is a perfect example of how tiny spaces can be designed to fit requirements & create an impression. The layout follows the concept of parallel lines with its workstations, the ceiling design & the lighting layout which visually makes the space feel longer & grander. These parallel lines then intersect & form a grid pattern in the panelling as well as the partition. The panelling has beautiful mirror inserts which reflect the space partially creating interesting illusions. The partition provides a certain extent of privacy between the Accounts department & the Director’s Table while providing ample surface to display artefacts. The storage units have been taken inside the niche, to save space. They add the much needed pop of colour to the otherwise wood & beige space. The long grey wall becomes the backdrop for 2 gorgeous Keaton chairs and the all white ceiling barring a black slit running across the length.


Vikhroli, Mumbai


300 Sq.ft


Preshita Shah Gupta, Kajal Kamath, Dhvani Parekh


July, 2019


Interior design


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