Auronova Consulting Solutions

The clients, Auronova Consulting Solutions are engaged in the business of providing consulting solutions to banks and other financial institutions. We as designers wanted to give them, a space which wasn’t hierarchical, but uncluttered and welcoming. A space where everyone is part of the same wider experience. The idea of the new office therefore was to create a de-territorialized plan where boundaries between people and spaces as well as those between work and play are blurred. Instead of going for a minimalistic design language we narrowed down on a rustic industrial themed aesthetic where yellow, grey and black along with rugged wood forms the primary color palette. Mild Steel wire mesh forms partition between spaces, dividers for work desk as well as art work on walls. The M.S box sections forms the framework for all workstations, seating and benches. A harsh exterior material thus gets transformed and used wisely in the interiors.


Vikhroli , Mumbai


650 Sq.ft


Preshita Shah Gupta , Kajal Kamath


December 2017


Interior Design


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